Past Studies

The journey of more than two decades has been thrilling to say the least. As an industry body, we have overcome many odds and won the trust of the industry on many aspects.

Some of the projects we initiated are:

Indian Listenership Track - ILT

ILT was initiated in the year 2004. At that time, Radio as an advertising medium was growing at a fast pace and there was a gap to be filled for radio measurement in the country. ILT followed the DAR (Day After Recall) method and covered Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.

Research agency: AC Nielsen ORG Marg

Indian Outdoor Survey - IOS

IOS was launched in Mumbai and Pune in 2009. The purpose of IOS was to build a metric to measure effectiveness of outdoor campaigns and help media planners, advertisers, and media owners understand audience reach and frequency for each out of home vehicle, along with the profile of the audience.

Research agency: Partner: Hansa Research Group

IRS Local Area Potential

IRS Local Area Potential (iLAP) was a study developed for large size retailers, who were in need of a metric that determines the potential of a locality based on demographic information of consumers coupled with their durable ownership.

Research agency: Partner: Hansa Research Group

HPI - Household Premiumness Index

HPI was launched as a key addition to SEC. The purpose of HPI was to not only measure consumption behaviour but also identify premium homes more accurately by focusing on wants or aspirations of consumers.

Research agency: Partner: Hansa Research Group