Indian Readership Survey

MRUC India launched Indian Readership Survey (IRS), a periodical study in less than a year post its formation. Its purpose, as defined by industry’s eminent leaders, was to be a single source study catering to all research needs of its member companies; and offer a robust measure on media and product consumption behaviour along with the Indian Demographic Report at a pan-India level.

Ever since its launch, IRS has been instrumental in helping its members understand Indian consumers better, enabling them to plan their marketing ROIs effectively.

In the year 1995 – the first year of IRS, the sample size was 1,65,000 households, covering both urban and rural areas. The sample size has seen a steady increase over the years, which is in line with the Council’s continuous endeavour to make the study robust.

Today, the sample size for IRS 2017 report is 3,30,000 households (urban 2.14 and rural 1.16). The Report covers over 600 publications, 71 product categories (at penetration and brand level), covering 28 states and 4 union territories, 95 cities with 5 Lakh+ population, 91 districts and 101 district clusters.

IRS has grown to become a global benchmark in Media Research. It is the only accepted currency for print readership and planning. The acceptance of IRS, however, goes beyond readership. The study enables cross media comparison and provides wealth of information on not just media consumption habits but also penetration of brands and categories across markets. Additionally, IRS also captures information on Telecom and DTH.

IRS is unique, thanks to its large sample size and a comprehensive methodology, which is designed to deliver the highest levels of accuracy.