What is the methodology for the new IRS?

  • Face to Face interview using Double Screen CAPI, across the Country 
  • All interviews conducted will be through Double Screen CAPI 

 The IRS data is reported at the Household level and at an Individual level.

Household Data:

The household data is collected by interviewing the householder.
Information in the household section is focused on all household details from
the household composition, durables owned, household items purchased and other
key demographic variables.


A Normal Household is defined as a group of persons who normally
live together and take their meals from a common kitchen unless the nature of
their work prevent any of them from doing so. Persons in a household may be
related or unrelated to each other. There may be one member households, two
member households or multi-member households. The link in understanding whether
it is a household or not, is a common kitchen.


The Householder is defined as:

A person who takes the decision on purchase of day to day
household products such as groceries, toothpastes, soaps, detergents etc. with
respect to what to purchase, when to purchase and how much to purchase is a
Householder. This person has to be staying in the household and can be a male
or a female.

  •          The householder need not
    always decide on the brands.

  •          The householder need not
    always physically go to the shop to buy these products; the householder may
    only be suggesting the requirements while someone else implements it.


Individual Data:

Individual data is collected from a systematically randomly
selected person who is 12 years or older and stays in the household. The
Individual Questionnaire is mainly focused on capturing readership of
publications, TV viewing, Radio listening, Mobile usage, Internet usage, Cinema
going habits and personal usage of selected products.