MRUC - Purpose and Aim

  1. To determine the needs and frequencies of research/ surveys required for assessment of various media for advertising.
  2. To conduct research/surveys into readership, viewership and listenership of various media for advertising. For example media vehicles like newspapers and periodicals, television, radio, hoardings and all other media which carry advertisements. 
  3. To maintain and propagate highest possible standards of integrity, fairness and reliability in media research. 
  4. To ensure that its output are not misused to convey a misleading impression by or to any party. To disseminate the findings of such research/surveys as mentioned in Point 2, through any medium with or without charge.
  5. To develop and disseminate software and other methods of handling media research and other data. 
  6. To provide a forum for discussion and resolution of disputes and/or issues relating to media research. 
  7. To provide, maintain and uphold fair, sound, ethical and healthy principles and practices of media research. 
  8. To promote better understanding of the benefits of fair, sound and ethical media research amongst media, advertisers, advertising agencies and other media industries. 
  9. To represent, protect, inform and guide members of the Council on matters relating to media research.