Brief History

Media Research Users Council (MRUC) is a registered not-for-profit body of members representing from major Advertisers, Advertising Agencies, Publishers, and Broadcast/Other Media.

The Council was formed to ensure:

  • Periodic research is made available to its constituents, for measuring effectiveness of media for advertising.
  • Research is relevant to meet the industry’s increasing need for reliable and accurate information on all media.
  • Timely and economical research for its users.

The Council was formed with professionals who were keenly aware that media research should be conducted in an organised manner.

The Council realised that a good media research must meet the following requirements:

  • Research conducted at regular intervals.
  • Capturing relevant information on growing media and product ownership/consumption based on industry needs.
  • Well validated data, ensuring high levels of accuracy, adequate sample size, and good representation on sample spread.